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imageI made it to 4000 followers, so I want to do a book give away. Like, or reblog this post by Weds. 23rd, and your name will be entered into a pool to win a free copy of Conditions of War, signed by the author. It is one of my favorite feminist books and I really want to share it with someone. 

You don’t have to follow me to win; I am just excited I hit 4000. 

Last shot!

This is what happens when you’re on a month long hiatus! You miss awesome happenings ;)

I’m back!

Hi everyone, 

I’m back! Finally! To be honest with you I’ve been back two weeks but between 14 hour sleep periods and university I have not been able to centre myself. But things are slowing down now so routine is kicking in. 

So much has been happening and I’m looking forward to sliding back in to the mayhem that is the tumblr community ;) Being tumblr free for over a month really puts things into perspective and reinforces the work/life balance I strive for.

Now, about my trip…

Croatia was beautiful; Bosnia still has my heart as does my family there. We didn’t end up going to Paris (heartbroken) but the trip was well worth it. I grew up and I had to confront some hard things in my life which I’ve previously tried to ignore or deny… 

Four weeks changes a lot of things, especially relationships.

One such relationship is that with my father; I’ve come to realise that we will never have the relationship which we once had because there is no excuse for the violence he commits against us. The same can be said about my mother, while we have a closer and warmer relationship, I’ve realised that she is much life my father and being his wife she will defend and excuse his actions.

My relationship with my sister is stronger than ever before and for once my little brother and I are on good terms… Probably because he too has grown up (not just puberty) but maturity. 

Wow… that is a lot of writing! Anyway, I’ve grown up nicely, I needed to learn and rebalance and I did just that. I miss my family so bloody much. I hate saying goodbye to them..

I may post some pictures of my trip but for now… it’s nice to be back and it’s a pleasure to be with the community again.



We have arrived at Singapore and my sister and I are ill :X Turbulence can kiss my ass, where are my pain killers? Dad found a TV and the World Cup is on, it may take some to drag him away.

Istanbul is next aka 11 freaking hours. 


It is not something outgrown
like a childhood pair of jeans.
It is something that
breeds and festers,
that blooms flowers
then protrudes thorns.
It is something deep
and dark
and absolutely terrifying.
It will turn dolls
into monsters,
and it will ruin you.
You will agree to fight,
then fight
every day
for the rest of your life.
It will be worth it.
-Michelle K., What It Really Is.
The question should never be
will he love me;
it should be
will you love yourself?
-Michelle K., Start Putting Yourself First.
I haven’t wanted to write on paper lately,
the canvas is always a mirror
and I’m not ready to look.
Things are much simpler
with a clear head and full stomach,
and it gets hard to handle.
I guess it’s an understanding
survivors have.
You were never the enemy
but the enemy was your own head.
I will forever make a home
out of that grey area,
not dying, not perfect,
somewhere in between.
He will learn
to love me this way.
I will learn
to love me this way.
-Michelle K., June is Hard.
I hear sirens
just as often as I hear birds
singing lullabies to their babies
through open windows.
The door to the house
on our street corner is dead-bolted.
The abandoned store
is painted with graffiti
where you can find his name
and my handprint
on the left corner.
I think something in my city is dying,
I wonder if it’s my fault.
-Michelle K., My City.
We are all books because we have spines and stories to tell.
-My coworker (because we work in a library)

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Poetry ceremonializes the shared primitive impulses of human experience by ritualizing the purposes of living, existing as a metaphor for crossing the threshold from lived agency to inventive agency, by identifying and altering the patterns of your inner life, by permitting the figurative passages of living to be revealed to yourself and to others, and by initiating both the poet and a reader into clarities of heart and mind.

home by rupi kaur

home by rupi kaur

Nature is busy creating absolutely unique individuals, whereas culture has invented a single mold to which all must conform. It is grotesque.
-U.G. Krishnamurti

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Our lives are not our own. From womb to tomb, we are bound to others. Past and present. And by each crime and every kindness, we birth our future.
-Cloud Atlas
Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of the earth.
-Henry David Thoreau

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So when you
move on,
where do these things
Where are
those memories abandoned?
-Michelle K., Fresh Starts.

I never meant to survive this,
but I found myself
turning around at every edge.

I never meant to survive this,
but I turned on the light
in the darkness.

I never meant to survive this,
but the body is occasionally
stronger than the mind.

I never meant to survive this,
but I started to let go
of my demons.

I never meant to survive this,
but I was pleasantly surprised
at the sweet taste of truly living.

-Michelle K., I Never Meant to Survive This.
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